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    About marcus_91
    well my name is marcus i live in seymour iv lived there my whole life not much to do but thats pretty much anywhere. I guess i have a daughter named Ashley Reneea Rogers she is a good baby and very smart and funny. I also have a wife to her name is kimmy. She is a good wife to and she is funny and fun be around to but there are times we don't get along. That well but that is every married people. well back to me Im 21 years old my birthday is August 15th, 1991. I am 5'8 115 pounds not very much fat i like camping,spending time with the wife and daughter. i like drawing i kinda want to be a tattoo artist but i dont think that will happen. i didnt gradute high school i dopped out my senior year for good reasons. my favorite color is black and red. i like to travel and do crazy things some times i hate the fall and winter i like spring and summer better. i am funny alot also i can be a good friend or i can be a major DICK to so its a two way street there but i think that pretty much tells ypu about me wanna know more just ask.
    I like watching tv and movies. i like music and concerts. i like eatting but i can never gain any weight for some reason. i do like a few people in my family. i like smoking ciggs and drinking and smoking pot every so often. i also so like sports like football and wrestling.
    my dislikes are people who think they are better then everyone its bullshit. i dislike when bad movies come out that you think will be good to watch when it really sucks ass. i really dislike when i get dis respect by people. i dislike country music. i dislike most of the people in my family. i also dislike not having that many friends because they either back stabbed me or no longer living.
    my favorite kind of metal is probably metal like,disturbed,slipknot,marylin manson,lamb of god, system of a down,metallica,mudvayne,mushroom head, and ozzy osbourne. I alson like gruge like nirvana,alice in chains,foo fighters and collective soul. I like emo also like bullet for my valentine,metro station,my chemical romance,red jumpsuit persuit,and fall out boy. I like rock to like aerosmith,led zepplin,boston,kansas,europe,def lepperd,posion,motley crue,nickleback,soundgarden,alice cooper,and kiss. i like stoner music to like the doors, jimi hendrix,greatful dead,pink floyd,and bob marley. i barley listen to rap the only rap i listen to is icp an twizted.
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday dude!
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    Welcome to the Midnight Crowd, Marcus here's a 10 for you. Enjoy the site that lives at night!
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