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    I'm a woman who knows what she wants in life.I don't need to make future plans because i know where life is taking me. I spend most of my time taking care of my family and my mother and oldest sister.I wouldn't say i am the happiest of people but i have my moments. I keep my religeous and political opinions to myself because life is too short to waste it debating on the rights and the wrongs of it with cherished family and friends.When i love i really love when i hate i really hate. Hard times fall on everyone at times and i have had my share for the last 25 years including the loss of my dad 5 years ago.The best part of my life is my kids.A son and 3 beautiful daughters.
    I like alot of things. Poetry,history,gardening,traveling,dancing,singing,movies,cooking.history,geneology,old houses,classic cars,antiques,horror movies,spending time with family,long walks,sunsets,sunrise,moonlit nights,starry skys.
    drama. fake people who pretend to like you and really don't,people who lie,
    Def Leppard,Aerosmith, AC/DC,Rolling Stones,Drake,Massari,Red,Jake Owens
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