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    Endless, we begin. We are nothing but serenaded bodies in anticipation of the slow motion, reiterating the length of our kiss; a memory of how elegant two breaths of souls... tasting... the other... Before we ever knew the other. How elegant two breaths of something unspoken can seem. And you dress me so gently, like a limpid ragdoll, all cotton and flesh, cried out over and over, voiced over your heart like an opera, and I am rapt. Taken higher as I openly shed tears, moist velvet, my back against your stomach and I feel lit like a torch from the inside of your eyes because you see where I have become the ruination, a rumination restored and reverberating the sight of you; where the sacrament of what we create builds sanctuaries; soft spirits, ethereal... and winds wept just like where we used to live. I saw us as then. and now. .. endless, we. Fallen angels shout about our lifelines entangled and seraphim stained; clouds, as they drift away, remind us that the plummet pulled our palms apart. the profane parched earth drank us dry and we somehow found a riverbed of flowers dandelions, tiger lilies, and bear paws to soften every seed spilled. you were inside me that day; the last day... the every day. and i remember your hands ascending spines, bestowing breasts a prayer, and flowing freely over my stoned body, your temple... my god. the ancient sound of us is such the same. the way you break within me is as yesterday"s breeze. Tomorrow"s torrent, A banshee of a woman underneath you. Unsteady as summer"s rain and languorous to the wettest touch. It"s that time again. where you wrap us up in the aether awaiting the cry of the eagle, cheating it to be together in our forever. We are not nearly broken enough, with our glass hipbones and swollen places begging for a hymn. We only continue, an awe of evermore. Sweet aether and therefore, as it has always been... lest, we begin. The communion of forever is us. Your mouth mimics my shape; a window, framing our existence in colors; outlined in black because our souls could not be contained. Your touch brings about such wonders, the ocean blues, heather greens, and canyon reds of our togetherness would blend space and time and eagle could not bear the thought; he did not take our awareness. We are the fruition of completion. You feel my heart as your pulse. I feel your pulse as my breath... and each quickens, thickens our blood and our sheets rip and shred to tear down long dead walls... rampant we explore the depths and pools of tongues in shadows of skies until the light, like the sun on the moon"s bodice, is too expansive and illumined; we cannot grow quiet. My wrists come together in heat and your being arches my back, Romanesque, Byzantine, and emblazoned. Ecstasy emanated as our fingers, touching. Love lingered on our cheeks, blushing. and we have barely begun. � September 1, 2009~~DarkAngel_BlackWings~~all rights reserved
    Golden Eyes
    She walks the darkened city streets...eyes lustrous gold Each deliberate step she takes...her vein blood rushes cold. Long black hair blowing... across her shoulders bare Seeking out her lover...to touch her if he dare. His scent arouses her awareness...crimson lips form a malevolent grin Night wind like a lover"s breath...upon her burning skin. A rampant hunger builds...like orgasmic pulse growing Reaching down to touch herself...her wetness attests her knowing. Tonight he won"t elude her...his fate rests in her hands An evil sound escapes her throat...dark lust making its demands. His pungent scent grows stronger...down another street she turns Immersed deep within her.... unfathomed desire churns. Dressed in darkness of the night...eyes fixed in huntress fashion Leaning against cold structured bricks...to tempt her burning passion. Sliding fingers deep within...the wetness of her gate Excitement grows with visions...of his iniquitous fate. Fiery touch desperately dancing...her tongue wets her lips Enthralled night"s demons watch...as she fiercely thrusts her hips. Entrenched currents take hold...she ascends toward what"s required Savage rhythm intoxicates...her quaking climax acquired. Starving for the flesh of a wild creature...with blood as thick as hers At last aware she"s found him...haunting aspiration stirs. Deeply she breathes in his scent...lingering abundantly in the night"s air The pounding in her chest quickens...as her nostrils begin to flare. Intently she pursues his course...every sense breathing with lust Dancing in rhythm of the thunder...shadowy night breezes commence to gust. Himself an illustrious predator...tonight becomes her prey Stormy night breeding secrets...her dark heart filled with betray. Taking back what once was hers...she merges with dark sin Anticipation is her appetizer...vengeance stirs within. He appears before her...shrouded in the night"s mist Handsome and fierce...but for now she must resist. He too is on the prowl...only her equal brings satisfaction Giving birth to fresh welts...her heart begins retraction. Whispers of night demons...sets the mood for his destruction Pale skin in lightning flashes...silent anger breeds seduction. Fire burning in her veins ...the torture of her waiting Poison falls from her eyes...the sorrow is sedating. Crimson lips slightly parted...scorching lust sustained Ache throbs into agony...sinful culmination must be obtained. She yields herself visible...tempting fate and chance The eyes of her lover...locking on her at first glance. Such a beautiful monster...with serpentine curves Breathing in the deep darkness...her pride she preserves. A vengeful seductive goddess...raindrops frame her in diamond aura Taking slow strides toward him...with her hidden box of Pandora. Eyes lock neither shows fear...unspoken challenge to match passion Tasting dangerous promise...they touch in warily fashion. He surrenders to her beauty...desire fills his black eyes Hunger not willing to wait...she guides his hands between her thighs. Black stockings and stiletto dreams...she was the answer to his dark prayers Wrath burning in his veins...he was the answer to her nightmares. He moves her to the ground...with one spam stride Her legs enfold around him...as he thrusts deep inside. Her wetness tightens around him...with each thrust more violent Bitterness burns her flesh...her anger is growing, yet silent. Her nails drag across his flesh...he releases a painful sigh Her body arching in pleasure...with flashes of a dark good bye. Her golden eyes ascending skyward...her feral natures take control Her thrusting hips brutal and majestic...sinful culmination shakes her soul. His pace quickens her heart stutters...as she reaches for her blade His untamed heart has met her need...and the slice upon his throat is made. Stabbing pain through his every inch...as she makes love to his death Blood flows free as does his seed within her...as her lungs take in his last breath. Her body decorated in crimson...night"s demons complete the dance Tasting a tear drop and blood mixing...satisfying culmination enhanced. Violet flames emanate from her being...as she cuts his heart from his chest Lightning with no noise strikes the ground...as his still beating heart she ingests. Ghastly vision in the darkness...melancholy shadows trace Taken back what once was hers...a smile adorns her face. � May, 2009~~DarkAngel_BlackWings~~all rights reserved
    ~Litany of Darkness~
    Dark Existence... bathed in the crimson glow of flames an endless dancing light casting shadows on my pained embers singing solitary notes composing my mortal choir cerebral screams echoing arctic poetry Dark Heart... kept locked in ice crystal illumination safe from the fire threatening to devour my identity heat apocalyptic, stealing my breath searing the edges of my sanity compelling fibre cracks in the vitreous chamber Dark Need... lingered in the aesthetic flow of my blood pulsed and pleaded for release ate eternal along my vacillating cells drawing moisture on my flesh make me writhe, made me gasp invoking a dark phantom to sweep beneath my skin Dark Promise... a satin voice that inflamed my craving whispered assurance quickening my forsaken essence serenade shaking crystal fortifications gave me hope, bled my will leaving me naked and raped of resistance Dark Love... invaded on crumbling battlements seeped into the pores of my living soul interlacing one with the other unifying evanescent spirits into definition our delineation fused into kindred fires intensity crying words of 'Always', 'Forever' Dark Peace... filled the empty hollows calmed my turbulent unease warm content spilling into the shallow corners flames settle to glow amber endearment slow my breath and soften the yearning shrouded in the immortal wings of your Gabriel charm My Savior from Dark Demise... draw closer within darkened dreams pursue the radiance of our destiny transpire these written words into existence terminate this eternal search for thee, "Always and Forever" � January, 2012~DarkAngel_BlackWings~all rights reserved
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    Posted : 3 years Ago
    Congrats DarkAngel, Top Member I see!
    Posted : 3 years Ago
    Yer welcomed, thanx and huge congrats!
    Posted : 3 years Ago
    Merry Christmas DarkAngel!
    Posted : 3 years Ago
    Congrats, you are Top Member today DarkAngel!
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    congrats on getting there my friend .....i know you will be happy to graduate, im proud of ya....my world, doing good,glad to hear from ya.....stay in touch..
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Thanx, and you too
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Thanks! Background was given to me by my wooer, Will
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Yer welcomed
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Glad to hear that, and congrats by the way.
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Hi DarkAngel! Alright, and it's snowing here right now. How you been?
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