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    Sooooo where to start? mmmm,i know.My name is Steven,21 years of age :D i stand 5'6 ish.Blue eyes and thats like all the physical stuff i think about.i'm easy to talk with and from what i hear i listen a little more than i speak.if im not a comfy zone i probly wont say too much.ill talk with just about anyone,first impressions are everything.dont be an ass when we first meet and you may have a shot talking to me (: im generally nice to everyone,or i try to be anyways.you should message me or talk to me in some way because im really tired of typing right now. Have fun all,i look forward to our conversations and so forth.
    beach runs,going to random places in the middle of the night for no reason more than to waste time and have some fun,monster energy drinks (hate just saying monster now because like 20 people have asked me what monster is 0,,0) sugar of any kind really,computers,people to talk with (thats a good one ),chinese food,cool aid,im a cuddly person (:,hugging people >xD playing pool,going to pools,and really there is just WAYYY too much to put here so on to the next box :D
    lets start with foods eh? theres only 3,strawberries,cherries and coacoanuts,all three are disqusting >.< i hate people that walk up to a group of smokers just to complain there is too much smoke.i dont like falling asleep just to finally start falling asleep and someone opens the door >_> and then your awake for the next 5 hours.i dislike people who drink and drive,text and drive,people who cut in line,my room to be messy,moving (when i say moving i dont mean around the house,i mean moving to another house or town) speaking of that,lazy people,impolite people,and people who are uptight,there is a time for you to act a certain way around certain people sometimes,learn to choose those moments please.

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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday bro!
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    Welcome back bro, long time no see! So how have you been?
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