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    Call me Twytch, I prefer that name. I'm in Florida and hating it. I swear Florida is "Satans Asshole" in some other language. If any of you tell me it's a Seminole word for flower you can lick my shoe. I have done a lot, I have seen a lot, I will experience more. Either way, if you really want to know about me ASK ME WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW...
    Fear, terror, screaming, haunted events. Women with tattoos and piercings. The Crow, Repo! The Genetic Opera. White Wolf gaming, using my handcuffs on a submissive, writing, reading.
    SHINY VAMPIRES, shallow people, homophobia, racism, people who hate people with tattoos and piercings.
    Aural vampire, aesthetic perfection, rammstein, skinny puppy, celldweller, type o negative, neuroticfish, zeromancer
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday Mr Twytch!
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