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    Hello everyone, this is the part where i talk about me a little bit here we go. I really like horror and suspense movies. Full moon rocks my socks and I have this urge to re watch firefly all the time AHHA i like bleach and bastard ninja scroll and wicked city, i am that kid with a pocket full of weird things i found on my journey through my day (rocks cool bits that broke off stuff things that people dropped) I make goggles and all of them are one of a kind so it helps to always find new things to use ^_^ i am a good person who has been dragged through the mud quite a few times in quite a few ways but i have a scene of humor about it which i think is the best way to go about it, if you let them affect you after there gone there still winning, and fuck that shit right, so in short i am a crafty, funny, smart ass who loves to see other people smile, drink SoCo, and smoke parliaments( not much longer i hope) so if you want to be my friend just ask and if you don't your loss, but i wont hold it against you.
    T.V. Shows ~ I like all shows that make me think, i love me some alfred hitchcock and rod serling i am a huge X-Files fan. i like fringe, breaking bad, wilfred, and doctor who. Movies ~ horror and suspense hold my heart i will watch all scarey movies even if there bad i guess thats from growing up watching Full moon movies HAHA i am a sucker for musicals and dancing is quite awesome if you ask me. Stuff ~ i like the Violin and old things i collect rock and coins and keys of all kinds, i have a shit load of marbles and paper weights because glass is cool to me. Music ~ i am a rivet and will be adding music to the list soon as i get around to it ~ project pitchfork, VnV, wumpscut, nuroticfish, apop, blutengle, and one, icon of coil and combicrist, ( you should know why i lumped them up), front line Assembly, front 242, blah blah blah Hobbies ~ I make goggles and bracelets and straps. all of them one of a kind and it takes me some time to make each one depending on how drunk or motivated i am AHHA
    I dis like people being mean for no reason its one thing to argue your point and be aggressive but being a dick is not cool, and while were talking about arguing i hate people that don't know how to argue at all and just spew dumb ass made up bull shit. I dis like when people act like there the best thing that ever happened to earth...we all good and bad in different ways just be nice and respect people other wise you will get punch so hard by someone one day and i hope that you can learn to be nice with out that motivation HAHA I dis like the sun and the day time. I dis like the fact that Halloween town is not real. I dis like people that use other people for any reason. I dis like being miss led or lied to. I dis like facebook and my space I dis like the fact that i cant find a girl who wants a house husband who will have dinner and sex ready in a clean house when she come home from work ;) I dis like shorts on guys that stop above the knee I dis like how much i dis like
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday my friend!
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    Happy Birthday StJonswort!
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