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    want a lot, don't care, my names Trish. i'm 18, i love who i am, and i love certain people too, i hate hores, preps, sluts, skanks, you know that type of shit. if you really want to know anything else, ask, i'm a hardcore kind of chick, i love partying, to be honest you may not like some factors but i love Twisted, always will, again don't like it. don't care. Thanks for viewing my profile hit me up if you want to talk, prefereing you don't just judge me by words thanks!
    music, drawing, partying, texting, video games, online, women, men, TWISTED!! :3 and more.
    whores, preps, wanna be's, men just after women's bodies, people who lie behind others backs, immature assholes, anymore ask.
    heavy metal, country, hip hop, rap... just ask.
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday!
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