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    Furry for life! yes i am a furry. Friend or not, if you don't like me for who I am then fuck off. Furry Species: Sabertooth Panther (Black Leopard) I'm a pretty easy person to get along with, I have a mate that's a fox. Hes an awesome guy in my opinion (even though he doesn't seem to think so at times). I absolutely LOVE pandas & plushies! <3, love anthro art nude or not, love nature & just being outside on nice cool days, love going to the beach even though I don't get to go there much. I like being creative in my own ways at times. I have been told by many that I'm a unique female, one that's apparently hard to find (no idea why), but hey if you wanna find out more just message me and ask. I do bite though, buuuut not very hard... unless you want me to :p Im sick of fake friends who say they care then turn around and abandon you when you need a friend the most. ~sighs~
    I like A LOT of things... I'll just say a few. ABSOLUTELY LOVE PANDAS!, STEAK!, ICE CREAM!, PLUSHIES!, furry fandom, furry art, cuddling, chillin with friends and/or my mate, playing video games (sometimes), animals, being outside.
    Dont really have many that I no of. Rude people, some types of foods, really hot weather(unless im swimming), Judgmental people, beer(y, having annoying room mates.
    Im not one to like a certain style of music, if the song catches my attention and I like it ill listen to it. I'll just name some artist off that I have random songs of. Kelly Clarkson, Journey, Within Temptation, Victims of Science, P!nk, Nightcore, 3 Days Grace, Utada Hikaru, System of a Down (got a ton of songs), Superchick, Shania Twain, Rihanna, Owl City, Papa Roach, Queensryche, Nickelback, Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Jordin Sparks, Bullet for My Valentine, DDR Music, Fall out boys, Dr. Reanimator, Taylor Swift, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, Cascada
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    Posted : 3 years Ago
    Hi! Long time no see! How are you?
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Yer very welcomed!
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday Sarina!
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