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    I am a learning baby bat that was born and raised in the south. I am constantly surrounded by close minded people and therefor I've learned to be very open mined. I live in a small town I attend a decent sized high school and I am also on the track team. I spend my free times searching the internet for new music and researching things that I find interesting. I love to read and wright and often find myself with my nose stuck in some cheesy vampire novel. I consider myself to be a goth but like I said I'm still a bay bat.
    I like sports and reading and hanging out with my boyfriend. I also love music and doing hair. I plan to become a cosmetologist one day when I finish high school.
    I don't like close mindedness and I don't like bully's. I've been known to get picked on a lot at my school for the ways I dress and it isn't fun so don't be a bully.
    I listen to lots and lots of things right now I'm listening to bands like The Cure, Siouxie and the Banshees, and Bauhaus.
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Congrats for making Top Member
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Welcome to the Midnight Crowd. 10 for you Rosey.
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