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    I am Mango, I am from Jacksonville, FL. and moved to Louisville, KY. for school with my boyfriend, Max <3. I'm a weird girl. I love math and science, and I'm going to major in Physics and Minor in Economics :P I also stare off into space a lot. (there is a lot going on in my head. It makes me feel crazy) Any ways No one will talk to me if I write an essay about me on here so if you want to know more message me :P BEWARE OF QUANTUM DUCKS!!! QUARK QUARK!
    Music, Physics, Math, Frogs, Cats (Sparta...), Max <3, Victorian Homes, Hookah, Message for more information :P
    Onions. Valley Girls. Sorority Dicks.
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday Mango!
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    I hear that. Not much, I'm dead tired tonight. Christmas has me all tired already, lol.
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    Happy Birthday to you Mango!
    Posted : 5 years Ago
    How have you been Mango? Long time no see!
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