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    Photobucket I am a young 64 yr. old and still discovering something new everyday... I find as I grow older I disdain having to follow rules and I like living moment to moment...impulsive and free. I see life as a house with many rooms, and I want to enter each with the brightest candle possible... that I see in to every corner and miss nothing, for sometimes the things we find most intriguing are almost hidden from view. I recently over the last couple of years have embraced the pagan religion,and I find great peace and tranquility in its simple love of man and nature and the philosophy of being responsible for your own destiny...worshiping as befits yourself...having a personal relationship with the Gods on your own terms.

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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Here is the newest one

    White Buffalo

    Misty morning air, crisp and cool ... droplets form on hair and beard,
    Hot breath blowing snakes of vapor ... to coil before they disappear.
    Pristine fur blood-smeared.

    I chase this daemon of my dreams, across the sky and planes and streams...
    And scream my oaths aloud.
    Never-ending quest pursued again, lost in my toil and sweat and pain...
    Yet I remain, unbowed.

    Run, run my ghostly friend ... hooves dancing with your heartbeat,
    My soul, it yearns to see you ... My spirit seeks your blood-heat.
    Perhaps we'll meet ... And die, and fly away.

    July, 2013~DaveDoom51~ all rights reserved


    Posted : 4 years Ago

    Posted : 4 years Ago

    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Here it is LOL :

    Stain of the Wolf
    (A Necromancer's Tale)

    Did he desire a soul or two ... when, perhaps a simple death would do?
    What ere it was He hoped to find ... His sin, hath made the angels blind.

    Alas, the necromancer's place ... awards to him a changeless face ...
    A face that greets him every day ... that looks the same in every way.
    Reflecting neither pain nor fear ... He forbids compassion to appear...
    While dancing with the corpse of time ... and making un-souled couplets rhyme.

    Black roses bloom where ere he treads ... His songs, they animate the dead...
    And speak course words to souls astray, those lost within an endless day.
    So embrace the darkness, lick the night ... fuck holy dogs beyond god's sight...
    For satanic verse conceived in hate ... will force impending death to wait.

    Such is the price for life that's found ... by leaving Erebus un-bound...
    To rage amongst the righteous living ... just who the hell is god forgiving?
    What depredations he pursues ... the souls of those He eats can't choose...
    To lay the night to waste.

    Did he desire a heart or two ...when only innocence would do?
    What boon was it He hoped to find ... by leaving wasted flesh behind?

    April 12, 2013~DaveDoom51~ all rights reserved

    For my good friend Will, thank you.


    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Hi Ms Pandora, long time no see. How have you been?
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