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    "If you're going to fall in love with me, don't fall in love with my Sunday best, don't fall in love with the way I look after spending hours getting ready or my fakest smile or freshly done hair. Fall in love with my body, the way it widens quite a lot around my hips and how I will never have that perfect figure and how I honestly don't really care, fall in love with with my impatience, my jealous moods and the times that I don't feel anything at all and fall in love with how sometimes I act like a child whilst other times I can be the most mature, fall in love with my scars, my marks and all the things that make me far less than perfect,fall in love with every part of me, good and bad, and especially with all that I consider a flaw, fall in love with me as a whole or don't fall in love with me at all."
    Attention, licking eyes, eyeline, boys in eyeliner, girls in eyeliner,did I mention eyeliner, playing with my girls, chatting, photography, yoga, making stuff, baking, cleaning, painting, reading, learing... a million things those are just a couple of the likes that come to mind
    Days that you wish would end that never seem to, intolerance of different life styles and religious views amongst the top annoyances. Funerals..
    I love music and don't have any particular category that is my favorite. I will listen to anything I consider to be good music and that is a vast list.
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    Posted : 7 months Ago
    Congrats, Top Lady Member of my Day!
    Posted : 8 months Ago
    Missed you, how have you been
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    I'm doing alright. My son has kept me real busy lately. Sorry for such a late reply.
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    How you been?
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Hi, Ms Pain!
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Hi pretty lady! How's it going?
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    You're very welcomed!
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Congrats to you Ms Pain, Top lady Member of the day! 3 cheers for you!
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    You're very welcomed my dear Ms Pain
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Hi Ms Pain! Good to see you in the new year.
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