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    About MaliceInDisguise

    I am a dork. Ask me about it.

    I am a hippy.

    I have a love for poetry that has meaning, art that makes me feel something, and people who can understand my sarcasm and need for solitude.

    I look younger than I am and most times come off as an old lady with anger issues. Don't let that stop you from messaging, it takes me some time to get comfortable enough to speak like a normal human being with someone. Though I do have my sporadic moments where I am a weird bubbly ball of disgustingness. That being said, I refuse to reply to vulgar messages. I will not be your anything.

    I'm more of an observant type of person. If I check out your page 99% of the time it's because I saw something that captured my eye. I usually don't leave messages, comments, much of anything really as I am not on frequently.

    (If you do happen to message me I will try to reply ASAP. )

    I thoroughly enjoy my solitude and bouts of musical therapy. I have probably by this part made myself like a boring and sarcastic wank, I might be.... I can say I do love to laugh and I am a very emotional and caring person once I get to know you. But that takes some time for me. I can be a bit standoffish and can get wrapped up into my own head. If you genuinely want to have a conversation with me just send a message with a bit more detail than, " hey ur sexy" or my personal favourite, "hi hw r u?" I think my appreciation for grammar is seen by this point.

    I'll add more as time goes on.

    I'm not on here a whole lot so if you'd like a reply within a few hours instead of a few days kik me.


    Toodles. :)

    Spike, Horror and gore, Music, 420, Doctor Who, Sherlock, AHS, Dexter, Supernatural, Makeup, Piercings, Sarcasm, Witty people, Change.
    Whiny people, Stupidity, Cliche people, People who ruin a perfectly good song, Bubble gum flavoured gum.
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    Posted : 11 months Ago
    I do agree! I am always welcomed to your warm embracing hugs! x
    Posted : 11 months Ago
    I am glad you are ok! And you are very welcomed thou darling Ms. Mina! x
    Posted : 11 months Ago
    I am fine, thank you! How is the lovely Ms. Mina? Congrats to you, the most delightful and beautiful Top Member of the day! x
    Posted : 1 year Ago
    Hello, to thou gorgeous Ms. Mina!!! x
    Posted : 1 year Ago
    Happy Holy Days my dear lovely Ms. Mina! *muah* x
    Posted : 1 year Ago
    You're very welcomed my lovely Ms. Mina! X
    Posted : 1 year Ago
    Congrats thou lovely Ms. Mina the prettiest Top Member I ever seen! X
    Posted : 1 year Ago
    You're very welcomed my dear Ms. Mina! X
    Posted : 1 year Ago
    Welcome back, thou loveliest as ever Ms. Mina! X
    Posted : 1 year Ago
    You are so very welcomed thou lovely Ms Mina! Thank you and indeed I am. I hope you are having a wonderful day as well! *muah*
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