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    Hi my name is Kristen i'm 28 years old i also love Anime manga music i'm an open minded and i will speak my mind and tell the truth i have my husband who i love with all my heart i would love to make new friends as well and i also role play and act silly at times but once you get to know me you'll never want to forgot me or hurt me ! well that's about it for now
    video games,music,making new friends,being silly,writing,role-playing
    Bad People,Drama,Country Music,Hip-pop, and rap,xbox,guys only wanting sex and girls trying to be your friend but really only uses you to get what they want, and liars,cheaters,fakes,lazy people
    aiden,all time low,the all american,anbrelin,broken isis,Avril lavigne,blink-182,bowling for soup,Breaking Benjamin,The Bravery,Critical bill,the cure,evanescence,eyes set to kill,Five Finger Death Punch,Guns N' roses,H.I.M, Hawthorne Heights,In this Moment,The Junior Varsity,Lacuna Coil,Lucero,my chemical romance,Night Wish,Oasis,pop evil,saves the day,soul asylum,third eye blind,thirty seconds to mars,three days grace,throw the fight,trading yesterday,Vampires everywhere,within temptation,zebra head,Thursday,Ayumi Hamasaki,Big Bang,A Fine Frenzy,HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR,Joy Enriquez,Jennifer Chi,Krystal Meyers,NICO Touches the Walls,Sign,Submersed,Toiko Hotel,Vanessa Carlton,Sleeping With Sirens,Falling in reverse,famous last words
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    Posted : 1 year Ago
     photo cooltext173258819811502.gif
    Posted : 1 year Ago
    Congrats Top Member Kristen!!!
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    I've been alright. Mostly keeping busy. I feel you, me too.
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Hi Kristen! How have you been?
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Congrats Kristen, Top Member once again!!!
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Indeed, you're welcomed
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Congrats Kristen, Top Member awesome!!!
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    That's a real good thing!
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    That's real cool
    Posted : 2 years Ago
    Ah, I see. And that's good to hear. Oh yeah, awesome I think. What kinda work you do?
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