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    I have a sense of adventure! Getting lost in the woods, following the flow of a creek, soaked shoes and colds hands, but a warm heart, that is how I view myself. The past is full of lessons to be learnt, though I may view myself as being broken at some points in my life, someone who has fallen and gotten up is stronger than someone who has never fallen at all. Life weathers us and teaches us to grow. I'm now at the point in my life I am seeking harmony, yin and yang, peace, zen, serenity, what ever the word you would like to use for it. I've always believed that before you judge, you should look, before you accuse, learn both sides of the story, before you know, listen. It is not age that defines us, it is our experiences. There are times I feel even too old for the temple I'm housed in, yet even then, I have the taste of naivety at times. I view myself as a flower, slowly blossoming yet I do not know what color, shape, or even size this flower may turn out to be. I'm on a journey to find myself, to become more in tune with myself and others around me. I love knowledge, I love learning, I value intelligence. There is never a stupid question, the only stupidity is to not as them. Fear is the largest thing to overcome, but I believe I have more than enough power in me to overcome my fears and blossom completely. I'd more than welcome you all to accompany me on that journey. (<.<....It's DDA!)
    Incense, candles, flowers, gardens, bonsai, botany, genetics, plant breeding, photography, writing, reading, fanfiction, anime, manga, different cultures, languages, reading articles, music (from opera to heavy metal, I have a wide variety), pandora,PaganNews, calligraphy, paints, snow, autumn, the ocean, forests, foxes, wolves, zen, cuddling, and plenty more. Writing, reading, photography, research, botany, bonsai, gardening, painting, drawing, mediation, sight-seeing, exploring, hiking, walking, herbal remedies, playing with my dog, reading good humored sites, debating, having conversations.
    Arrogance, ignorance, bigots, racists. Basically, people who judge and feel like they have to flap their lips about it.
    Lisa Thiel, Celtic Woman, Queen, Nickleback, Three Days Grace, 30 Seconds to Mars, Stone Sour, Malice Mizer, Gackt, Gazette, Lareine, Musicals, the list goes on and on....
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