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    My name is D Dorcha Graine. ( Da Door Ha Graine for all you english speaking people! ) I was born in Iceland Reykjavik, stayed for nine years of my life, then moved to the USA. ( Military Father ) I grew up in a desert hell hole known as Lancaster, CA were I lost both my parents, went to school / high school etc. I have since I can recall had a unique style of dress that expressed my inner form of self identity.

    I am a straight forward individual. You will get no wishy washy crap with me. I am a man of honor, chivalry, and valor. I do not have self loathing mental problems most men have because they do not understand themselves.

    I am by others considered to be rather skilled in hand to hand and sword, as well as firearms. I have a rather dark sense of humor. I tend to be a bit on the more side of blood, guts and gore than some as far as entertainment. I suppose that would be more a dark slap stick in the comedy area.

    I am a great workout partner and spiritual councilor to my friends, I also love to cook, but hate doing the dishes. My spirituality is very important to me, but also very private, it has more to do with witchcraft than Wicca has to do with witches. Let's just leave it at that for now. You want to know anything else about me feel free to ask.


    Listening to music, writing poetry, watching anime ( dark sword and sandal anime ). Love Horror movies and some sci-fi thrillers. Going to a movie is fun, netflix on-line. Playing Video games when I am not working out.

    Here are some games I like.

    Arkanoid, Contra, Galaga, Pac-man, Miss Pac-Man, Tron, Sinistar, Tempest, Blood Rayne series, Killer Instinct, Gyruss, Dungeons and Dragons Series arcade edition by capcom, Quantum Redshift, Power Drome, Marvel Super Heros vs Street Fighter, Hero of the blade, Asura blade of destiny, Ninja Gaiden, Ultima 08 Pagan, Marvel vs Capcom, MVC02, Street fighter vs X-Men, Robotech voxp, Star Wars X-wing series, Star Wars Tie Fighter series collectors CD rom, Halo 01, Halo 02, Halo 03, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Janes Advanced Ariel tactical combat simulator, Ace combat 06 Fires of liberation and the Guildwars series.


    Rap music, Hip Hop or R&B, HIM, Twilight, Cyber sex, Country music, Cheesy movies, Emo's or scene, Christian propaganda, The United States Government, and of course Teen werewolves.


    Amon Amarth, Epica, The Cure, Type O Negative, SKID ROW, Celtic frost, Liquid Death,Marilyn Manson ( Holywood )( Ani-Christ Superstar )( Lest we Forget ). Metallica ( Ride the lightning, kill em all, Master of Puppets. ), Dimmu Borgir ( favorite songs are Sepentine offering, The Sacrilegious scorn, and My Sacrifice) Disturbed, K0rn The old stuff only, Apocalyptica, 80s metal, to modern viking metal.
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    Posted : 4 years Ago
    Happy Birthday!
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